I, _________________________ (Parent/Guardian), have read and understand the team policy and materials on the team website. This includes but are not limited to the following sections on the team website.

INFORMATION & FORMS: Online Registration Instructions, TF Team Policy, Communications – XC Stats, Frequently Asked Questions and Transportations Exemption Form.

ANNOUCEMENTS: Upcoming Events and Upcoming Meets.I understand that my student-athlete, _____________________ (Student’s Name), is responsible to come to class/practice every day when he/she is in school. I understand that it is my child’s responsibilities to change into appropriate running clothes, shoes and gear and participate to best of his/her ablilities every day. I also understand bringing a note from a parent may not excuse me early (before 4:30 pm) or excuse me from participating in practice. The coach will make the final decision in the best interest of the student-athlete. I understand that Track & Field is a class and ends it at 4:30 pm (not 3:05 pm), or when the coach releases me.

_________________________________________________________________________________ Stdents Name, Signature and date

_________________________________________________________________________________ Parent’s Name, Signature and Date

_________________________________________________________________________________ Parent’s Cell and Email