This routine will increase energy, mood, alertness and productivity during the day not just for workouts but for your other activities. It will keep your appetite and sugar cravings under control and prepare you for a night of restful sleep.

Time meals and snacks 2-3 hours prior to exercise

Eat “good” carbs every 3-4 hours

After a moderate to hard exercise, eat a snack with carbohydrates

Eliminate sports bars or other food bars in place of a well balanced meal

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with water, minimize all fluids with sugar (even fruit juice) if you can, except after a moderate to hard workout

Breakfast: high carb breakfast is shown to give you energy through out the day and increase your productivity, energy levels, moods, concentrations and reaction times. Focus on whole grain with calcium, serving of fruit and fat.

Toast with peanut butter and fruit smoothie

eggs with whole grain toast and a glass of milk

oatmeal (no sugar) with orange and a glass of milk

grape nuts with plain yogurt (no sugar) and a glass of milk

Lunch: High protein and vegetables, protein foods will increase vigilance and alertness during the afternoon and help prevent that 3 o’clock slump. They are also appetite suppressors and will help keep your appetite under control. Always have vegetables at lunch.

Turkey or lean meat sandwich (4 oz of meat) with avocado and lettuce on whole grain bread with vegetable juice or carrot sticks

Large chicken or salmon salad with dressing (good fat) and a whole grain roll

Split pea soup with barley, carrot sticks

Snack: Important to maintain insulin level from dropping too low. Keeps you alert and energized. 3 hours after lunch, after a workout or 2 hours before dinner. About 20-30 gms of good carbs and keep glycemic index low.

Nuts with fresh fruit or vegetables

Hard boiled egg with banana

Whole grain bread with carrot sticks

Dinner: Back to carbs with small amount of protein. Always have vegetables and fruit. Well timed meal with carbs will help you sleep. Do not go to bed with high blood sugar! It will interfere with growth hormone production. Allow at least 90 min before you turn in.

Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad with good dressing

Bean burrito with tomato and lettuce

Salmon with barely pilaf, steamed broccoli and fruit

Lentil soup, whole grain bread, salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Follow this routine on race day… do not eat within 3+ hours of your race. Do not try anything new that you have not tested!

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