How do I register for Track & Field?

Contact Coach Chai at or 949-973-0703.  You must meet our minimum standard.  Qualifying standards can we found on this website.  Please check the website at  Cross Country athletes in good standings do not need to qualify for Track & Field.  You will be automatically enrolled.

Is there a Try Out?

Yes!  For Tryout dates click on the link below.  Qualifying standards can be found on this website.  If you are returning athlete, you do not need to tryout if you met the minimum standard from last year in your event. First 2 weeks of the season are consider Try Out Period and could results in you not making the final roster.

Track & Field Tryout – Thursday, Dec 12, 2019, Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019, Thursday Jan 2, 2020 and Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

Will I be able to participate in Saturday Invitationals?

Saturday Invitationals are by invitation only but everyone will have a chance to participate or volunteer in at least 2 invitationals.  There are different standards for different Invitationals.  Please check with your coach.

Do I have to join track if I run Cross Country?

No! Track and Field is a spring sport, but we would like you to participate in Track to build your fitness for next year’s Cross Country.

Is there a fee to join Track & Field?

No. However, the program is SOLEY FUNDED by donations from athletes. A small donation of $290 is asked at the parent meeting to pay for coaches’ stipends, uniforms, transportation, equipment, etc.

Will I have a chance to do multiple events?

Yes, once you make the team, you will have an opportunity to tryout for other events.  In fact, many athletes end up doing other events than the one they qualified for in the end.

Can I join after my winter sports like soccer?

Yes, you may join once your winter sport is over as long as you meet the minimum standard in an event.

What if I have a scheduling conflict with club sports?

We will allow reasonable accommodations but there are mandatory dual meets along with 2 invitationals that you must attend to receive full credit for the class.  Yes, Track & Field is a class!!  The bulk of your grade will depend on participation so it is important that you meet these minimum requirements.  Please check the team policy for more info.  Track & Field may not be best for you if you must attend other club practices/meets/games on a regualr consistent bases.  Please check under our Team Policy tab for more information about what your commitment will be to the team.  All reasonable advance request will be considered.


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