Ideas For How To Display Your Running Race Bibs And Medals

Being in Cross County you will collect lots of Running Bibs, and perhaps, race shirts. Most runners hang onto the race bibs and medals as a keepsake to commemorate the races they’ve run.

But the medals hang on the end of a curtain rod on your bedroom and the bibs are pinned to the wall, or shoved in various shoe boxes and drawers around your house.

Below are some great ideas of how to display your accomplishments!

Making A Race Bib Collage

You can purchase a 24″ x 48″ or similar size canvas from a craft store. Then all you need is a bottle of glue and sealer. To do it on the cheap you can consider buying a light piece of wood to glue the bibs to or even the cardboard
backing used for posters will suffice.

Another idea is to simply staple gun the bibs to the wall in your exercise room or home office. Or arrange them behind the glass of a large picture frame or even under a glass topped coffee table or desk.

The important thing is to display them where you can see them and they will keep you motivated which they will not do if they are buried in a shoe box in the back of the closet.

High School Runners can also create a display for each year.
There definitely is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with adding more race swag to your collection however you choose to display it.
There will be times in your running career where it will be pouring down rain the morning of your race and the difference between getting out of bed or going back to sleep may come down to a desire to get another medal or race bib for your collection.

Making a Magnetic Medal Display Board

You simply need a Magnet Board and roll of Magnetic Tape.

You can get these items at a Home Depot or similar store. Disconnect the medal from the ribbons and slap them on the board.

Creating a Photo Album

You can place all your running bibs in a small photo album, and also include
photos of the event!

Use Your Bling As Motivation

However you decide to display your medals and race bibs put them in an
area of your home where they can provide you some motivation. Seeing how many races you have completed will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy.

It will also serve as a great topic of conversation for people visiting your home, and who knows, it may motivate
someone else who sees it to start running also!

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