1. Each athlete will be issued a uniform and sweat suit from the athletic department.

2. Athletes are responsible for the uniform and sweat suit. If anyone loses or damages a uniform or pair of sweats, he must pay for replacements.

3. Proper care is to wash the uniform and sweats in cool water with a mild detergent by themselves. Do not put the uniform and sweats in a dryer – they must be air-dried. Do not use bleach when washing the uniforms and sweats.


1. All athletes must have a good pair of training shoes (see the running shoes page). Make sure you do not begin the season with a worn-out pair of shoes. Most shoes last about 300-500 miles. Have your coach check your shoes if you are in doubt. Running in worn-out shoes will generally result in injury. When searching for shoes, look for three things: comfort, flexibility and good mid-sole cushioning. Everyone’s foot is different and every shoe is different. Purchase a shoe you are comfortable with. See the running shoes page for more details with regard to good brands.

2. Racing flats (shoes) are optional. If you are serious about your times, or if you are seeking to make the Varsity team, racing flats are essential. The cost may vary, and are quite light in weight. Note that you are not to train in racing flats – they do not provide the support found in training shoes.

3. Travel bags for your shoes, sweats, and other personal belongings are advisable. Seniors and Varsity athletes will be given an ETCC bag for his use. When you set your sweats down, they are free for someone else to take (either innocently or purposefully). Keep your belongings in your bag and keep track of your belongings at all times while at meets.

4. Sports bottles – it is quite advisable to bring a sports bottle with water or Gatorade to each meet (see the nutrition page for more about nutrition). Keep a sports bottle in your locker for warm days and after practice.

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